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What if your advisers could speak only to people who actually want to hear from them? Think how much more business you would do. Leadstream delivers hot key transfers and booked appointments from internet-generated premium leads directly to your advisers

  • Higher Transaction Values
  • Exceptional Contact Rates
  • Up To 42% Conversion Rate

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We Understand Your Business

How it Works

We capture leads from our website But before we pass them on to you, we weed out every one that's not serious (about half of them) with a phone call. If they want to talk, we transfer them straight to your advisers. If not, we say goodbye.

We collect Internet generated leads through tailored emails and specific landing pages. All the customers have consented to being contacted and to have their details sold to a third party, for the purposes of finding the best available product.

We syphon out all customers who are no longer interested, or who have provided hoax or fake information. That gives your advisers a much better chance of making a sale. They spend less time trying to contact leads and more time advising and selling. It's what makes LeadStream special.

Our Story

We were sitting where you are now! We have run our own financial services companies that depended on good quality leads for our advisers. Other lead providers let us down - the "leads" never answered the phone, or told us they'd just been comparing quotes online and didn't want to talk.

So we developed our own strategy for generating quality leads. We are specialists in what we do and stick to a small selection of lead types in premium consumer finance.

Your Results

Because we make sure every lead you get is a genuine live lead, contact rates are outstanding:

  • 100% for hot key leads
  • 95% on booked appointments

That's compared to an industry average of 70%. And because these prospects are genuinely interested in your products, transaction values are higher too.

Lead Types

For us quality is very important. We only provide leads in areas where we can make sure that the quality of our leads can be maintained. The areas we specialise in are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Funeral Plans
  • Equity Release
  • Pensions
  • Business Protection
  • Mortgage & Remortgage
  • Debt Management

If you are interested in leads in these areas, get in touch today.

Why Work With LeadStream

Flexible Lead Purchasing

Our current customers can get up to 42% conversion rates on the leads we supply.

Real Time Tracking

We undertake real-time performance tracking and lead quality reporting.

Returns Policy

Fair and easy 7 day returns policy for invalid leads returned for credit.

Qualified Leads

We will transfer calls to your business from people who want to know about your product.

Compliant Leads

We only supply leads where the customer has enquired about your product online.

Account Management

Your dedicated account manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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